The gaming community is buzzing with excitement, eagerly awaiting the launch of titles that promise to transport us to breathtaking worlds and challenge our skills. In this article, we talk about indie masterpieces to blockbuster releases, Best upcoming Games in 2023 to look out for. Join us as we explore these upcoming titles.

Payday 3

Platforms: PC/PlayStation/Xbox

The thrilling world of heists and high-octane action is set to return with “Payday 3,” the highly anticipated sequel to the iconic co-op first-person shooter franchise. Developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Koch Media, “Payday 3” is poised to immerse players once again in adrenaline-pumping criminal escapades.

Release Date: 21 September 2023

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Platforms: PC/Switch/PlayStation/Xbox

“Hollow Knight: Silksong” invites players on an epic journey through captivating landscapes, challenging foes, and intricate storytelling. The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed “Hollow Knight” franchise, “Silksong” promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience that will immerse players into the depths of its enchanting universe.

Release Date: 2023

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Platforms: PS5

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” swings into action, bringing the thrilling adventures of everyone’s favorite web-slinger back to our screens. Developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this highly anticipated sequel promises to deliver an even more immersive and action-packed experience for fans of the friendly neighborhood superhero.

Release Date: 20 October 2023

Mortal Kombat 1 

Platforms: PC/PlayStation/Xbox

Prepare to revisit the battlegrounds of an immortal fighting tournament as “Mortal Kombat 1” revitalizes the legendary franchise with modern enhancements and a fresh dose of brutal combat. Developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, this reimagined edition of the iconic arcade fighter promises to deliver the same intense thrills while introducing a new generation of players.

Release Date: 14 September 2023

EA Sports FC 24

Platforms: PC/PlayStation/Xbox

FIFA is no longer called FIFA after EA parted ways with its long-time partner, FIFA. EA has gone solo under the name “EA Sports FC”. The game will feature official teams and players from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. There are 19,000 fully licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues

Release Date: 29 September 2023

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Platforms: PC/PlayStation/Xbox

Developed by Ubisoft and published by Ubisoft Montreal, this highly anticipated addition to the renowned “Assassin’s Creed” franchise is set to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience that blends historical accuracy with thrilling gameplay.

Release Date: 12 October 2023

Ark 2 

Platforms: PC/Xbox

Embark on an epic journey into a prehistoric world filled with towering creatures and untamed landscapes in “ARK 2.” Developed by Studio Wildcard, this highly anticipated sequel to the wildly popular “ARK: Survival Evolved” promises to take players on a thrilling adventure through the ages, where survival is the ultimate challenge.

Release Date: 2023

These all are the Best upcoming Games in 2023 to lookout for. Have a check on them. Cheers


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